Intel® - Intelligent Systems Framework

Intel® is committed to bringing the Internet of Things to each of its devices so that its developers, integrators and customers can leverage their valuable data to change the way we work and play.  The Intelligent Systems Framework (ISF) is a set of components ensuring communications, manageability and security are a basic part of each of its device.  The basic components become the new baseline for M2M or embedded development allowing the developer to leverage as opposed to redeveloping these capabilities.  With the resources of Intel® behind the components, the development community can depend on the quality and reliability of the delivered solution.  With time-to-market critical in our fast paced world, the ISF provides a major advantage truly differentiating the Intel® platforms in a crowded market.  The ease at which solutions are moved from Intel Platform to the next generation combined with a commitment to providing the basic building blocks of the M2M applications provides an easy choice for today's developer.

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Solution Family and ISF

The Solution Family team is committed to supporting the latest Intel® platforms in both hardware and software.  With over 25 years of development above the Intel® platforms, the Solution Family developers are committed to supporting and leveraging both the Intel® family of processors as well as the emerging ISF platform for standardizing communications, manageability and security.  With the entire industry moving rapidly toward M2M development it is critical that all applications are developed with dependable and reliable components that address these three key ingredients.  Working with Intel® and supporting both their processor families and ISF components, the Solution Family team has been able to realize reduced costs and time to market for key features with the Solution Family.

  • Creates Baseline Security, Manageability and Communications as a starting point
  • Allows for portability of Solution Family from Atom-i5-i7-Xeon without modification
  • Embraces Microsoft Technologies as well as Embedded Linux for flexibility and confidence
  • Greatly reduces development and integration costs
  • Acknowledges that a Framework must sit above the OS to offer a competitive advantage

As can be seen in the diagram below, the Solution Family team depends on the ISF framework to provide the services for communications, security and manageability as a base for its entire infrastructure.  

As seen in the diagram, with ISF components,  the Solution Engine® is architected to allow the customer to extend their solution with their own Cloud, I/O and Analytics without changes to the entire Solution Family.

The dependability of the ISF framework and its components serves as the basis for the Solution Family implemention for Industrial, Security, Transportation, Building Automation and a variety of other vertical markets.  The Solution Family Team looks forward to working with Intel® and its evolving ISF standard to ensure our products leverage this new innovative solution from Intel®.