What is the Everyware Cloud?

Eurotech has created an Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) designed to allow Machine to Machine (M2M) communications to deliver actionable data from a single device to other devices, business processes,  analytics or reports.  Whether it's sensor data, images, aggregated data, new set points or new rules, the Everyware Cloud, the cloud-based device and data management implementation within EDCprovides a low bandwidth, reliable cloud-based communications, storage and analysis capabilities that scale with your application.  The Solution Family team has deeply integrated the Everyware Cloud into the Solution Builder® environment and Solution Engine® with the consistent ease of use you have come to expect from our products. Expanding your solution to the cloud can now be done with a single click.  The diagram below shows the Everyware Cloud as part of a Eurotech End-to-End Solution that moves the device data to your existing infrastructure.



Eurotech has a wealth of information on EDC and the Everyware Cloud and we will work to supplement and complement their offering while providing the Solution Family type of access and ease of use you have come to expect.  Click the icon below to visit the Eurotech site for more information.


Our Everyware Cloud Approach


The Everyware Cloud provides secure cloud-based communication, storage, and analysis via secure services, using user name and password credentials. For its storage aspect, the Everyware Cloud defines all data within the Cloud into a Hierarchical Structure of TopicsTopics can be thought of as a folder structure in the cloud. Directories within the topic structure often include the project, customer and device.  Data items within the folders are called metrics. The Everyware Cloud supports basic types of Metrics like Integers, Floating Point Values, strings, etc... Applications can subscribe to each topic and be notified when any metric in the topic has changed. This process of registered for a topic notification is called a Subscription.  Subscriptions serve as the basic mechanism for the Solution Family to interact with the Everyware Cloud. The subscriptions identify the location (Topic) and information (Metrics) for a communication and notify all interested clients of any change in the information. This provides a uniform mechanism to the Solution Family for all Everyware Cloud interactions. 

The Everyware Cloud Features in Solution Builder® are accessed from the main tool bar where the user is presented with a Everyware Cloud Tool bar icon (seen to the left).  The EDC Support is divided into Account Information, Topics and Subscriptions.  Each of these areas is detailed in sections below.

The key to the Solution Family - Everyware Cloud integration was to leverage the pluggable storage architecture of the Solution Engine®. The Storage Module of the Solution Family allows for additional storage mechanisms to be registered and used by the Storage Module to  accommodate current and future storage technologies such as the Everyware Cloud.

As can be seen, the Solution Family currently includes Microsoft's SQLCE  and Windows Azure and many others not shown.  The Everyware Cloud now extends this offering.  The Everyware-Subscriptions Adapter is seen in the upper right corner of the diagram.  The Adapter's purpose is to examine the Everyware-Subscriptions registered on the Solution Engine® and make their metrics available to the user for rules, collections, aggregation and analytics.   The user interface for this integration is detailed in the Subscription Section below.

Account Information

The Account Information for accessing the Everyware Cloud is specific to each device.  The user selects the Solution Engine® via the drop down above the tabs setting the account information to use for the displayed information.  The Account Information is then shown.  Before the device has been commissioned the Device Status shows "Waiting for Configuration".  Once the account information is entered, the Device Status is then "Configured".


With the account information entered, the user can then View and Edit Topics and Subscriptions as seen in the sections below.


The basic organization of data within the Everyware Cloud is a hierarchical structure of Topics, similar to folders on a disk drive, .  Solution Builder® presents this hierarchical structure in the Topics Tab.  The user can navigate the entire hierarchy of topics on the left side and view the names, type and values of data anywhere within the entire set of Topics.  Available Topics are based on the Everyware Cloud account information for that Solution Engine®.

To add a topic any where with the hierarchy of topics, the user can right click any where in the Topics tree and select the Add Topic... menu item.  The user is then presented with the following dialog.  The user can edit the Parent Topic and set the name for the new Topic.  Individual Metrics can  be added and named based on the data type.  In this example, the user has added an On/Off data value called Running, and Integer called Counter and a Numeric value called Temperature.

The user selects the Save Topic button and the topics list is updated.  The new topic is now available within the Everyware Cloud and most importantly available for Subscriptions from the Solution Family.  Subscriptions are covered below.


When data is updated within a topic a message can be sent to any device notifying it of the update.  This process is called a subscription.  In Solution Builder®, under the Subscriptions Tab of the Everyware Cloud, the user is presented with a tree of all available Topics within the Everyware Cloud account identified by the Account Information for the particular Solution Engine®.  The left side of the tab lists all existing subscriptions for the Solution Engine® as seen in the diagram below.  

To add a subscription the user right clicks on the Topic of interest and selects the Add Subscription menu item.  In the Solution Builder Device Tree on the left side of the screen above we can see the Everyware-Subscriptions adapter that shows all available Everyware Cloud Subscriptions on the Solution Engine®.  All available Metrics in the Topic are presented along with a NewMessage Flag and the MessageTime identifying the time/date of the last message.  Subscriptions can be removed from the list of subscriptions and are immediately removed from the Everyware-Subscriptions Adapter.