Solution Family Introduction

To move from this vision to a solution the team designed two parts, an application platform, that would implement all the data collection, communications and rules, and a user targeted tool, that would empower the user, through a drag and drop environment, to design, commission and maintain any type of application.  Both the engine and tool were designed from the ground up to be built and extended with software building blocks that allow them to grow together and address future technologies and ideas independent of the application.

Solution Family of products combines an application platform, Solution Engine®, with a user targeted development tool, Solution Builder®, that target both data and rules throughout and entire system of Intelligent Devices through Cloud Services. These two components, Builder and the Engine work independent of a particular vertical market to allow addressing any Software/Hardware Integrated System.

Solution Family has been developed over the last two decades on hundreds of customer applications. The resulting tools enable the user on every one of the applications to develop, deploy and maintain their solutions. The Solution Family provides single click cloud integration to your application with direct integration in Microsoft's Azure and Eurotech Inc.'s Everyware Device Cloud (EDC-M2M).

 Key Features


  • Create Intelligent Devices empowered with capabilities to create, move and manipulate both data and rules
  • Remove the limits to what you can address with an Extensible Architecture for both the Engine and Tools
  • In a single user targeted tool, move and define data and rules from the device to the Cloud
  • Store data to the device, to other computers or to the cloud
  • Leverage and create information from your oldest legacy machines to tomorrows newest devices
  • Move from the confines of creating embedded applications to the freedom of creating Solutions

The word Intelligent Devices is often used without definition. The Solution Family of products works hard to build intelligent devices but also to define what their capabilities are:

 Intelligent Devices 


  • Manipulate Data - create, aggregate, collect (Locally or to the Cloud)
  • Data collection and aggregation relative to rules and state.
  • Support Rules - execute existing, receive and execute new rules
  • Support Occasionally Connected Scenarios
  • Stores Data to any storage mechanism from itself, other computers or to the cloud
  • Executes on any computer from the lowest level sensor monitor to the cloud

The Solution Family of products ability to integrate every computer from the simplest device to the cloud changes the way you will look at integrating systems.  In the diagram below the Solution Team looks at a network of computers from the lowest device to the cloud and deploys Solution Engines® at each location.  We connect to the system of intelligent devices with Solution Builder® and now we are free to describe our data collectors ,  rules , aggregation , analytics , and hardware interfaces .  Rules created on one device can be copied to other another device with a simple drag.  The power of  a simple user targeted environment with full access from the device to the cloud to create and design your application allows you to concentrate on what you want your application to do without the constraints placed by worrying about how you would possibly get the system to do that.  Simply define your systems and it is already running!  

The Solution Family Team has worked through a variety of Industries to ensure Solutions have the flexibility to integrate any Hardware/Software System.While any particular application may not use all the features of the Solution Family, the ability to have features like single click cloud integration, on the fly rule changes and automatic integration of emerging standards helps customers move forward with confidence that their embedded solutions will grow with time.

Solution Builder® Solution Engine®

Video Introduction

Solution Family  Video Introduction

Nat Frampton presents an introduction to the Solution Family of products reviewing both Solution Engine® and Solution Builder® showing how their architectures provide the Solution Family with a unique approach to building the next generation of intelligent devices.